Don’t fret the outdoors in winter – This massive bubble tent will turn your backyard into a cozy retreat

Tents can be helluva fun and is a seriously underrated means of enjoyment. Of course, many times, it all depends on the weather, and the harsh cold winds can make it a disquieting experience instead of an easy-going one. Thankfully, Alvantor is making sure that we can enjoy the outdoors throughout the season, thanks to its huge bubble tents. The Winter Screen House Room is a bubble tent ideal for hanging out in your backyard when the climate is cold. Many miss the outdoors during winters and hate being trapped in the four walls’ confines through the many cold months. The Winter Screen House Room is big enough to throw in a few chairs along with a suitable table, and you’re set for a winter soiree with family and friends in your personal winter retreat. For those who live in extremely cold regions, this would work wonderfully with an added portable heater in there for when it’s close to freezing outside. The winter gazebo is designed in a way to keep the sun’s heat trapped inside, so you stay warm. The tent comes with two windows on the top and two large entrance doors that provide ventilation while extra 2 top covers protect you from rain & snow.

Alvantor Big Bubble Gazebo is easy to carry and assemble with an Automatic pop-up feature making it absolutely hassle-free. Rain, wind, or snow you can now read books, play board games, enjoy movies on iPads or connect outdoors in gardens, backyards or enjoy a daytime picnic even in unrelenting winters. Alvantor’s bubble tents come in three sizes: 10 by 10 feet, 12 by 12 feet, and 15 by 15 feet and conveniently fit four to six, eight to 10, and 12 to 15 people, respectively, along with gazebo or outdoor furniture. You can shop the clear tents on Amazon for $399.99 to $749.99, depending on the size.

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