Dots by Werner Aisslinger for Conmoto renders a combo of fireplace and seat

I thought nothing could compare to the outdoor fireplace by Fire Company. But I was wrong. I have been completely bowled over by the unique fireplace known as Dots. The exceptional fireplace by Werner Aisslinger for Conmoto is the first time that a fireplace and seating have been brought together to create a portable product family. Just carry this portable fireplace to your terrace or garden and enjoy the experience of a warm campfire. The cylindrical elements are easy to assemble, while the textile cushions are completely weather resistant and can be effortlessly removed and washed.

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Made from steel galvanized and powder coated brown, non-flammable borosilicate glass, tank stainless steel, this fireplace is unlike any other.
Available in two sizes (small and large), this extremely amazing fireplace is priced at $2,700 and the seats range between $1,000 – $2,000 at UnicaHome.

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