Drink like the Drapers with Waterford Mixology’s Mad Men Collection

If you have sat through those long brainstorming sessions at Sterling Cooper and share your equestrian delights with Mrs. Draper then you’d probably be wondering what all other Mad Men fans have. How does Don Draper not get knocked off his fit and firm posture and gait, even after the copious amounts of alcohol he seems to be sipping after every sentence he speaks?

waterford-mad-men-edition-drinkware-2We’ve scratched our head and wondered about the same countless times and it has pretty much come to nothing. However, we could put on that brilliant suit, slick our hair back and bring the 60’s swag back with Waterford Mixology’s Mad Men Collection glassware. This fitting tribute to the maddest man of them all is all crystal and metal bands, much aligned to the rapacious sipper’s glassware.

waterford-mad-men-edition-drinkware-3Roger Sterling would surely look up some of these and Mr. Cooper would not mind his socks-only policy if this was that easy to own back in the day. The price of carrying Mr. Draper’s charm is, after all, not everyone’s glass of scotch. With prices ranging from $175 for a pair of gold-rimmed crystal glasses to $395 for the Circon Decanter, you can have your bar cabinet put on an instant retro look.

waterford-mad-men-edition-drinkware-4Pair this ensemble with a sketch pad, a few pencils and an unending supply of cigarettes and you have the man himself reflected right back at you through the crystal.

[Via – Uncrate]

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