Duravit’s Inipi B sauna saves space in a bathroom

After a long day’s work, driving down to the spa for a sauna is the last thing that you’d want to do. Imagine how beautiful life would be if you have a sauna in the comfort of your bathroom. Although it may seem impossible, getting a whole sauna affixed in your bathroom, Duravit has made it possible for us with the Inipi B Sauna. It is so compact that it easily gets accommodated in a regular-sized bathroom. Inipi B Sauna is a result of Duravit’s collaboration with design studios EOOS. The sauna is designed to be easily assembled and dissembled, particularly useful if you’re moving out of your rented space into your own home.

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Inipi B Sauna for one person measures 120cm x 120cm, while a two-person compact version measures 240cm x 120 cm.

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