Dyson Air-Line concept allows you a fresh line of clothes every morning

Morning chores are lengthy and haphazard, getting you late at work every time, one of the reasons being your favorite pair of jeans in a wet and ‘unwearable’ condition. Relying on nature every time isn’t a smart option in today’s hasty world. Hence Dyson integrates technology and the pre-existing tradition to create the most efficient technique to dry clothes. The Dyson Air-Line concept is an outdoor clothes drying contrivance that has managed to maximize and increase air-drying efficiency.

The mechanism involves the usage of solar energy and ambient air in a completely enclosed environment to dry clothes. (So no one can see your lingerie hanging obscenely for everybody to see) The designer, Daniel Fitzgerald designed this device keeping in mind the high-rise apartment dweller in mind as the device is perfect for balconies.

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