Dyson’s new LED light mimics the sunlight, can last for more than 60 years and costs more than an iPhone

In the era of smart gadgets, seeing a smart LED bulb is hardly surprising. However, Dyson’s new edition – the Lightcycle Morph LED takes technology in lighting to a whole new level. The ingenious version equips local daylight tracking to offer customized solutions that mimic natural light. It is further connected to the Dyson app that allows easy adjustability depending on the user’s task, age, and mood! Spellbound much?

Designed to maintain the same quality of light for 60 years, the Lightcycle Morph works with the help of three cool and three warm LEDs driven by cords passing through the center of the lamp. The light offers 360-degree maneuverability, four general settings, and six pre-set modes called “Study,” “Relax,” “Precision,” “Boost,” “Wake-Up,” “Sleep,” and “Away.” Users can further control the lamp by a dimmer and its in-built color temperature selection feature.

Commenting on it, Dyson’s Chief Engineer – Jake Dyson, said, “With the Dyson Lightcycle Morph, we aimed to challenge the fundamental conventions of contemporary artificial lighting and find a solution,” He further added, “So we developed a light that tracks natural daylight and intelligently transformed for different uses — providing the right light, at the right time, precisely where it’s needed.”

The Dyson Lightcycle morph currently retails for $649.99 (desk light version) and $849.99 (floor light version) and can be purchased on the brand’s official website.

[Available at Dyson]

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