El Casco’s 23 carat gold plated desktop accessories crafted with gun-making precision

If your wife is a connoisseur of gold-plated jewelry, it is quite likely that she transmits that fad to you as well. Okay, some of you may probably not like wasting that big stack of cash on rings and chains, but I’m pretty positive that you’d have a well-developed taste and interest in gold-plated desktop stationary. El Casco’s product line catalogs everything from stapler, paperweight, stapling pliers, a paper punch, pencil sharpener, letter opener, glasses holder, and such, in chrome or 23 ct. gold-plated, crafted with gun-making precision. All the products come packed in attractive gift boxes with the company’s logo on it, and the stapler comes with 1000 standard staples in it.

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Now, let me give you a little insight into the establishment of the company. El Casco was founded in Eibar, Spain, in 1920 by two employees of a firearms company. The company was producing high-quality collectible revolvers, and the Great Depression set in, replacing the former with well-crafted stationery articles. The prices for the stationary range from $118-$632 and could be ordered from the El Casco site.

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