Embrace the ‘new normal’ with Otegaroom – a tiny soundproof room for your apartment that ensures peaceful ‘work from home’ and kids free Zoom calls

With the pandemic, working from home has become a norm. However, apart from the freedom of attending meetings in pajamas, the routine comes with several pitfalls – wailing babies, hyper pets, and constant chatter to name a few. However, to help you nail the ‘new normal’, a Soundproofing company called Pia Living has recently unveiled ‘the Otegaroom’, a tiny work cubicle that lets you in peace out of anywhere!

Designed as a tiny room that can easily be installed inside your current living space, the ‘Otegaroom’ features plenty of soundproofing, LED lighting, and even a ventilation fan. It is apt for those who need to attend work calls in peace or crack on tedious reports minus the humdrum of the home.

Structurally, the sound-proof room is fitted with sandwiched insulation sheet boards that prevent from spreading sounds around a volume of 15 decibels. The cubicle is extremely lightweight (about 110 pounds) and easy to move around. It also features holes to pass through extension cords and houses a little desk to sit at and use a laptop.

Pia Living’s ‘Otegaroom’ is available in two color variations -antique white and bitter brown. It measures 1880 (in height) × 815 (in width) × 1110 mm (in-depth) and is ideal for use by adults seeking quiet while working. It retails for $1,855 and is currently available for purchase on the brand’s official website. Fancy buying yourself this exclusive work cubicle?

[Via: Sora News 24]

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