Emiselene bed by mazzali redefines design.

Lets hear a ‘bed’ time story. What happens to a bedroom with the Emiselene bed in it???? Well, for one you are never gonna leave the bed and two your girlfriend might end up dumping you for your obsession over this beauty bed! In either case you are not to be blamed. Blame Mazzali who have come up with this star of a bed. It not only looks killer with its clean lines and awesome shape (read:with a half circle bottom) it actually personifies the saying ‘Beauty with a purpose’. The curving structure is not just for the aesthetics, it serves another concealed purpose as a storage space. On second thoughts what good is a room with just a fantastic looking bed like the Emiselene, it surely needs something to go with it like may be matching drawers n all. This thought surely crossed the mind of people at Mazzali as they also came up with a matching low bedside table and chest of drawers which are sold separately.

The chest of drawers’ bottom mimics the curve of the bed, this pulls the set together and how! the Emiselene bed comes with either a fabric or leather cushion roll. this bed made of plywood and solidwood, with an oak or cherry veneer can be painted in any one of vibrant 118 colours. It is as big as 180 x 240 x 55cm and fits a mattress of size 165 x 195 cm which is not included!!

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