Exquisite TepanGrill Table by Troy Adams Design

If you are a foodie and love grilled dishes, the unique TepanGrill Table by Troy Adams Design is a must buy for you. This unique table allows you to take the art of Tepanyaki out of the restaurant and into the home. The exquisite dining table has a built-in stainless steel cook top and boasts of unique infrared heating technology. There is also a downdraft ventilator to eliminate smoke, grease and other cooking odors. The combination of charcoal and infrared heat is sure to make the food taste delicious. No need to visit restaurants to enjoy a delicious stake or Yakiniku, as this table will allow you to enjoy these exquisite dishes in your very home. You, also have the option to custom design your own TepanGrill table in any material or size. Suitable for seafood as well, this dining table measures 30” tall and 4’ x 4’ wide and is priced at $14,500.
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