Ferrolic uses magnetic ferrofluid to tell time or create animated art in your home

Imagine if a Lava Lamp could tell time with the gelatinous substance that resides inside being programmed to do so? Well this might not be exactly the same, the rather innovative Zelf Koelman, has found a way to make a clock out of what I can only describe as an animated Rorschach test or an animated art piece with a display and substance called Ferrolic. By combining this fluid black liquid like substance that looks like the living Symbiote, Venom, from the Spiderman movie/comics, with powerful electromagnets and a program that lets you control it, what you get is an extremely lively and truly innovative digital clock that’s unlike anything you’ve seen thus far.

The program, that would require you to connect to a Wi-Fi (via notebook or tablet) connection to download animations for Ferrolic, would lend a certain character to the liquid-like “goo” allowing it “to display scenes and transitions in a poetic, almost dance like, choreographed way.” After being hooked up to the internet, a web browser can then be used to control the display. The software that’s been created for the electromagnets to help the Ferrolic take shape, can be edited so that users can program the substance to tell time, display text messages, shapes etc. and those with a little more experience and imagination, can even create custom animations.

Seeing as this is still in development but has been making positive strides forward, the Kickstarter campaign for the display will only be available for pre-order but will only be produced in small batches; the first of which will be 24 pieces (numbered 1 – 24) which would come in a polished solid aluminum frame. All Ferrolic displays are registered and registrations are transferable. For the price of $8606 (7500 Euro) before tax, you’ll get –
One 1st-series Ferrolic display (the first prototype-model),
Browser access to edit and control Ferrolic, and
All accessories like a power supply, etc.

Each package can also be customized at addition costs –
Anodised (coloured) aluminum for $172 (150 Euro)
Wood $229-$574 (200-500 Euro, depending on the kind of wood and finish)
Leather, Carbon, Ceramic
Different material for the complete frame
Inlay on both sides etc.


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