Finally someone created a kitchen you can take wherever you go!

If you love camping (and why shouldn’t you when it can be so cool?) you’ve probably faced a few cooking struggles on your trips. But if you thought heating canned beans in their own tin was as sophisticated as it got, you need to think again. The Camp Champ is the last word in portable kitchens, a unique and compact cube holds all important utensils, plates, cutlery, bowls and spices to ensure you can cook and eat in style no matter where you are.

The cube itself is made of lightweight boatbuilding plywood that is waterproof. It contains quality equipment for up to 6 people including knife block, spice rack, kitchen utensils and even a trash bag holder. When closed the equipment is safely and vibration-resistant anchored in its units.
If there was anything that could make me consider cooking for myself, it would be this cool Kitchen kit! Priced at around $6,000, you can order the Camp Champ from the company website.

[Available at – Campchamp]

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