Five must have pieces from Lalique’s garden inspired autumn/winter collection

Lalique’s Autumn/winter 2016 collection is inspired by the lush paradise of Eden. The collection recreates the verdant beauty of the garden with liberal use of shades like green and gold which evoke scenes of a beautiful landscape at the golden hour of sunset. Delicate floral designs meet elegant and refined craftsmanship in this fantastical collection. Below, we’ve picked a few of our favorite pieces from this covetable collection.

Ombelles Bowl in Gold luster
5. Ombelles Bowl in Gold luster £ 960 (approx. US$1,244)
The delicate floral designs on this multipurpose bowl resemble ultra-fine lace and they probably were just as difficult to create. Whether you use it to house fresh fruit, flowers, or knick-knacks, this subtle addition to your dining and coffee table will be a scene-stealer.
Nogent Bowl in Gold luster
4. Nogent Bowl in Gold luster£ 520 (approx. US$673)
We love the unconventional shape of this bowl and the four birds sculpted onto its stem. The contrast between the glossy sheen of the bowl and the satin matte of the base makes it an eye-catching way to serve a decadent dessert.
Ombelles Vase  LS Green
3. Ombelles Vase / LS Green£ 1,090 (approx. US$1,411)
It’s impossible to look away from the dramatic bottle green shade of this vase. Decorated with tiny umbel flowers, this vase has all the makings of a timeless classic. Fill it with fresh blooms or let it stand on its own on a majestic mantelpiece for a dramatic décor statement.
Bucolique Vase Green
2. Bucolique Vase Green£ 3,150 (approx. US$4,080)
This elegant and tall vase is covered with engraved dandelions and dragonflies. We love how tall it is, a perfect home for long-stemmed flowers or an unorthodox display of ferns. Spotlight it by placing it on a pedestal or a dining table where it will draw the eye and rake in the complements.
vase oran
1. Oran Vase Gold stamped clear crystal £ 7,500 (approx. US$9,716)
We saved the most magnificent piece for last. Only 99 pieces of this limited edition vase have been created. Combining clear crystal with gold, this vase evokes opulence and unapologetic glamor. The vase uses the dahlia motif- a flower that symbolizes faithful love and gratitude. This vase is christened “Oran” in homage to the Algerian seaport town, also known as “La Radieuse.”

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