Foco range of stove from Sideros: Heating solutions for winter

With winter drawing near, it’s time to clean that chimney and set the fireplace roaring once again. Alas, not many homes today are blessed with a fireplace. For the modern homes without a fireplace, Sideros has the best option- a range of wood-burning stoves that not only promise to keep the chills away but also become exquisite centerpieces of your home. The aforementioned range is dubbed the Foco range of stoves and comprises high-end wood burning stoves that will definitely brighten up your living space. The price of this range ranges from £2,300 and £3,200 ($3,645 and $5,070) and comprises stoves that vary in size and design, allowing you to pick the one that suits your needs and pockets.

Go for the compact Foco 135 stove with a large window or the sleek Foco 120 stove, which features one of the largest windows in the market today; you are sure not to be disappointed. The slender Foco 110 will fit anywhere in your home, while the Foco 185G screams for attention with its full 360-degree rotational feature. The ceramic Foco 75 wood burning stove is also a beauty.
All these wood-burning stoves are available in various colors, and many models are also available in soapstone. So go ahead and get ready to curl up this winter in front of any one of these amazing wood-burning stoves from Sideros.
To know more about each model in this range just click here.

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