Forget standing this $4900 computer desk lets you work lying down

Sprained backs and strained wrists are soon to be a thing of the past. While evolution of ergonomic-dependent goods has been swift, little has been done to enhance the way ergonomics enhance our lives doing the thing we do the most all day. Sit at our desks. Thanks to the Altwork Station and innovations of this sort that we can hope for a more relaxing working experience in the future.

The station is heavy enough to hold a human being and a computer system but also flexible enough to adapt to a number of angles for better operability and convenience of the user. While your laptop and monitor are held up by the standard VESA mounts, a bunch of magnets hold your keyboard and mouse in place. The 210-pound structure looks lean for its weight but the weight is necessary. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deny you portability. The attached wheels allow you to place it at a place of your convenience and we’re sure that you wouldn’t like moving this one around too much.

The idea of having a desk that enables you to simulate lying down or reclining and working without seeming unprofessional is quite attractive. It will make you look awkward though. But then again, someone must have found smiling into your phone silly as well. Awkwardness surely dies its slow death as acceptance and value swells. The Alrwork Station is sure to reap plenty of that.

The Station is up for pre-orders at $3,900 with 10 percent to be paid up front and the rest of it over the next six months till it ships sometime in the middle of next year. The signature model could set you back a whopping $4,900.

[Artworkstation via Digitaltrends]

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