How a mundane one bedroom apartment was transformed into a colorful haven

After being picked for the job of transforming a dull and dark Knightsbridge one-bedroom apartment, Juliettes Interiors embarked on a luxury interior design process that saw them remodel the interior of the vague and common apartment. The results were an incredibly colourful and beautiful apartment, ideal for the charming of high-end tenants.

What was the inspiration?
What caught Julliettes Interiors attention, at first sight, was the lavish green landscape outside the apartment. With that in mind, they utilised the transparent floor to ceiling windows to create a comfortable and stylish fusion between the interior and the exterior to the apartment. To make a design statement in the fine open-plan living space, they positioned a modern glass dining table anterior to the big panes with the aim of it reflecting the luxuriant trees outside. Planning of the interior design was meticulously done to fully utilise and get the best out of the existing design highlights and space. The product was amazing.

The Living Area
What Juliettes Interiors found was a dull, and boring living area that they slowly worked on to produce a striking, spacious and enchanting masterpiece. The designers’ focus delivered a relaxing environment that includes a dining area, through the gorgeous textures used. The deliberate thinking settled on a choice of a deluxe velvet sofa, a desk with delicate brass features and a dining table to create a natural but rich finish that would be enchanting to different tastes among the prospective tenants. They went further to position an elongated modern black framed mirror on the opposite of the huge windows. It ensures that daylight and foliage will bounce around the living area. On the velvet sofa, verdant green and monochromatic cushions were placed to make the neutral atmosphere of the room vibrant and exciting. It added more layers, interest and life to the room.

The Bathroom
The outdated bathroom was instantly renovated to make it look smooth and modern. It was transformed into a neat and useful bathing area by use of big grey slabs and light washed floorboards. The team delivered a bathroom that was both lively and welcoming.

The Bedroom
Simplicity and luxury were the driving force in designing the bedroom. A characteristic bed was put in the middle of the chamber and complemented by some delicately picked furniture whose purpose is to achieve ultimate luxury. To create a cosy texture to the room, Jullietes Interiors played with light by using refined lanterns and a convenient mirror. They further created the homely feeling by using tantalising textiles that added a dash of colour to the room.

The apartment’s developer got some amazing work done by choosing Juliettes Interiors. They delivered a functional property that is also a high-end apartment which would be able to entice a broad variety of potential tenants. It would ensure a high return on investment in the elite Kensington and Chelsea borough.

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