Audioluce reclining armchair comes with an integrated hi-fi audio system

When the chair was first created, utmost comfort probably might not have been the main principle in mind. Now, with the world looking for better ways to lay back and rest, the need for super-comfortable and ergonomic chairs has begun riding the high wave. The FSM Audioluce Reclining Armchair we came across recently addresses just about every comfort requirement you’d look for in your perfect chair. Sporting an integrated hi-fi system for your audiophile needs and an optional reading light attachment, the armchair powers on with rechargeable batteries nestled inside.

Designed by Georg Appeltshauser, the chair uses a metal frame with black molded foam and an adjustable backrest and footrest. Sporting two 24-volt linear motors, two 12-volt rechargeable batteries, a swivel base and LED lighting, this chair makes for the perfect piece of furniture to rest your tired self on! Available for £7,688 ($12,000) at Minimal Home.

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