Functional, cool and serving a good cause – These massive lounge chairs are designed after endangered species

Environment and our wildlife are in a constant state of stress and its time we vowed to save them. Conveying a message on the same lines is designer Porky Hefer who recently unveiled giant life-sized chairs that each resemble an animal from the endangered species.

The Endangered seating collection, as it is called includes oversized bean bags and hanging chairs in the shape of an orangutan, a pygmy sloth, a polar bear, a great white shark, and a blue whale – all of which have been listed as vulnerable or endangered by the World Wildlife Fund. Each seat in the collection is made using sustainable materials such as Polyester made from recycled plastic bottles and knits prepared from reused t-shirts. The pieces were further completed in close collaboration with artisans from South Africa who specialize in different crocheting, felting, and stitching techniques.

To promote the collection, visitors were asked to sit on and interact with the animal-shaped seats in an endeavor to “ignite a sense of empathy [for] the stories of the real animals’ hardships and the importance of their survival”. Hefer, in response to the launch, further stated, “I think it’s important to show what beauty humans are capable of with their hands rather than the destructive mass production that technology is driving the modern consumerist society towards.”

The Endangered Seating collection is commissioned by art consultants SFA Advisory and Southern guild, with 25% of the sales proceeds going to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation that seeks to safeguard animals in their natural habitats. Design for a cause cannot get any cleverer than this!


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