Funky chairs inspired by the artwork of Picasso

Inspired by art maestro Picasso, a South Korean based SOHN has designed and crafted a chair that resembles an eclectic piece of art. Enthused by line drawings of Picasso, the ‘One liner series’ chair transforms Picasso’s work into a three-dimensional “drawing’ made from powder coated aluminium.

Truth to be told, it does resemble a chair from the side angle, but in reality, its purpose is more of a stool. The unconventional and unusual shape of the chair stretches to tell an entire new story.

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SOHN seeks to tell stories by discovering novel principles and rebuilding relationships. The ‘One line series’ chair offers new and amusing experiences through non-traditional shapes and functions. The design tells the story of a line that follows a simple path that tricks the eye and mind with its complex yet simple three-dimensionality.

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[ Via : Design-milk ]