Futuristic kitchen merges Automation, Architecture and A/V

Who said passionate cooks are not technophiles? Here is a household that integrated a robust AMX Automation and a flash mounted TV in the comfort of their kitchen to use it effectively as a space for social gatherings. The task was effectively carried out by custom electronics pro Sensory Environment Designs, who provided some nifty solutions to secure the gadgets in the kitchen’s impactful and convenient spots. After some analysis and deliberation, they decided to move the TV above the Expresso Machine to be viewed comfortably from all parts of the kitchen and dining room. An audio control architect 861 multi-channel amp dishes out music for the rooms through Jamo 6.5K4 speakers in the kitchen and James 31-CS speakers in the dining room.

Video output for the kitchen is provided by his/her cable boxes, an Apple TV and a Denon DvD-3800BDCI Blu-Ray player. The control functions are provided by the AMX 5200i touch panel that docks in an in-wall docking station, through which the user can control all of their home technology, including audio and video, lights, temperature and security. I have no words besides, “What a kitchen!”

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