G1 Glass Top Pool Table: The world’s first glass Top table

If you think that the American Federal Pool Table or the Aurora Table with LED lights are not your cup of tea, worry not, there is something in store for you for which you can have no words of disapproval. The G1 Glass Top pool table conceived by Australia based Nottage Design is apparently the world’s first Glass Top pool table to be created. The table features Vitrik, a patented transparent resin playing surface that plays just like a felt-topped table. The only difference is the toughened glass top replacing the standard slate surface. It would be wonderful to see the stunning floating air effect as the ball glides smoothly and quietly. The modern metal frame facilitates a unique ball return mechanism, and we can clearly rate it as the most forward thinking pool table that we have come across.

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The players may have a little trouble adjusting to the new ‘playground’, but nevertheless it leaves no reason for us to turn else where other than this beauty. It is priced at $40,000 Australian Dollars (US$25,150) which is in line with the other top custom pool tables that we’ve heard of.

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