Gaggenau’s RW 496 wine cellar cabinet: a blessing for wine drinkers

A true wine connoisseur would definitely understand the importance of storage when it comes to maturing wine. And in today’s world where not all are privileged with a stone vault to mature their wines, Gaggenau’s RW 496 wine cellar cabinet has come as a blessing. This cabinet lets you store up to 118 fine wines. So now you can let your wines age to enjoy that perfect taste. The two-door cabinet is almost closely 2 meters in height and has multi-temperature capability, with three separate thermostats and individual humidity. The amazing cabinet also serves space for a temporary storage in an optimal drinking temperature. So now uncork your wines at the right time and enjoy the sweet taste of a perfect aged wine.

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This cabinet will cost all you wine connoisseurs a whopping $18,000. But it is totally worth the investment considering its benefits.