Ged Cuisine Argento Vivo kitchens: Sleek and funky

Subtle colors like white and cream are usually used in homes for décor and furnishings to exude a luxury and class feeling. While they no doubt do the job, they are a little dull and boring. Many are afraid to ruin their home’s color scheme and make it look tacky by adding some fun and bright colors. But one look at the Ged Cuisine Argento Vivo kitchens and you will be assured that the brightness only complements your luxurious home. Flaunting a bold and bright color scheme, these fun kitchens are just enough to add that dash of color to your home. Besides the bright and bold color scheme, these sleek kitchens boast high-end technology to control the cabinets’ sliding and curved ends of the wall electronically.

Boasting of an asking price of $75,000 without appliances, these vivacious kitchens are truly a must-have for your luxury condo. The high-tech and super funky kitchen come in an array of bright colors including orange, yellow, blue, green and for those who like to play it safe, they are also available in the classic black, white and silver.

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