German hand-crafted Globe

This is a wonderful globe that reveals the depth of oceans and the heights of mountains when lighted. It is hand-crafted by German artisans, the crystal Everest Globe was commissioned by National Geographic to commemorate America’s first conquest of Mount Everest. Standing at 38 inches high and 31 inches wide, the limited edition globe looks important and comes with a high level of detail to back up its stately appearance. When lit from the inside, the globe shows the physical contours of the Earth’s surface, including ocean depths, mountain ranges, and deserts. When turned off, the globe displays the political world, represented by country borders and 6,500 place names.

For just under $8,000, you can purchase the Everest Globe, complete with its “white glove” delivery. Or, if you’d prefer to opt for something bigger, you can pick up the Goliath and Collosus globes from Columbus Globes for about $14,000 (thumb 1). Or, if you’d rather fill your globe with booze, for a more reasonably priced $300+ (thumb 2). The choice is yours to jump out of the well or remain in the well with a glass globe.