Get a Banksy for just $2.55, but….

For those unaware, Banksy (real identity unknown) is a renowned artist whose work apart from having received high critical acclaim, has sold for millions in the past. However, this time around, the maverick has decided to give up one of his masterpieces for a charitable cause that aims to raise money for refugees around the world.

On sale is Banksy’s giant sculpture of a boat that he has specially created for the Disneyland theme park, in aid of refugee support services. As mentioned by him in an Instagram post, buyers or those willing can purchase the coin-operated boat for only £2 if they can correctly guess the weight of the structure. Measuring at 90cm x 38cm x 42cm (2.95ft x 1.25ft x 1.38ft), the boat comes with batteries and is accompanied with a remote control that lets it run at a top speed of three knots or at five feet per second. It showcases a bunch of refugees sitting inside it (giving us a hint into their rather uncertain and pained life).

The sale is conducted in association with Choose Love: the first store in the world where one can buy real gifts for refugees such as tents, diapers, sleeping bags and other practical utilities. The competition/sale closes on 8 pm GMT on 22 December at which time the boat will be weighed by specialist students from Kings College London and winners be declared thereafter. If you’d like to help for the cause, get your brains racking and send in your entry for the competition at the earliest!


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