This giant wine glass cooler will transform your house parties forever

Water cooler conversations are always the most interesting, but the water coolers themselves often leave much to be desired. But no matter how boring a conversation is, you can’t be disinterested when faced with a Giant Wine Glass Cooler. This larger than life wine glass may well be the next ‘it’ decor item to own; its popularity is attested by the number of online stores that offer this left of center decor item. If you want your party to have a talking point, there’s no better conversation started than this wine display. Guests will either be awed or rolling on the floor laughing, but one way or another a dramatic reaction is assured.

The Giant wine glass adds a touch of whimsical design to your living or dining rooms and makes an unconventional gift for someone who loves to entertain. Standing nearly 4 feet tall, the wine glass is made of acrylic and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It retails at a number of online stores and is priced at around $350.

[Available at Opulentitems]

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