Gilded dining and pool table by Koralturk

If you’ve been running out of space in your plush abode to fit a pool table, here’s the perfect way to introduce one in your dining room! Flap Table Golden Eros Model Dining Pool Table, as it is known, is, in essence, a dining table that can be converted into a pool table when required. Built by the Turkish furniture maker Koralturk, this fantastic concept doesn’t compromise on either its uses, that of a full-fledged dining table or a pool table. The Flap Table Golden Eros Model Dining Pool Table is made from fine quality beechwood and is coated with 24 carat Gold leaf, giving it a spark of luxury.

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Complete with an adjustable balancing system that helps you keep a check on the leveling of this pool table, this piece of furniture also comes in a range of finishes to suit your taste. Measuring 7 feet in length, the Flap Table Golden Eros Model Dining Pool Table is priced at €4,000 (about US $5,600) a pop.

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