Godzilla statuette made of pure gold comes with a monstrous price tag of $1.5 million

Some of us do spend a considerable amount of time daydreaming about owning a monster that’s capable of destroying half of the world’s population in a day. For those who’d like to do so with a little bling, Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka has unleashed this glittering ferocious beast, a solid gold Godzilla that’s up for grabs! The statuette was made in celebration of the 60th birthday of the first Godzilla movie. Weighing in at 15 kilograms, this 24-centimeter figurine comes with a price tag that’s as gigantic as the reel-life version of the monster, priced at a whopping ¥150 million (approx. $1.5 million)!

The figurine replicates Godzilla from the 1989 “Godzilla vs. Biollante” movie and is as detailed as it gets. The jewelers have also taken the liberty of bulking up Godzilla’s muscles and have given this one polished nails, fangs and fins. The statuette is a dream-come-true for fans of the Godzilla franchise who can spend a little more than everyone else on a one-of-a-kind collectible. Apart from the fact that this one’s made of pure gold, completely, and doesn’t skip out on the finest of details, we love the craftsmanship put into bringing it to life and the fact that it has been sculpted to draw second and third looks!

[Via – Kotaku]

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