Goldfinch turns the Twisty Based Upon design into a $700k baby grand piano

Goldfinch, the renowned Brit piano brand, is on a luxury-spinning role creating one ‘grand’ after the other! Just last week, they bedazzled a grand piano with half a million Swarovski crystals for a Qatari Sheikh and shipped it to him from Cambridge, England. This week, they teamed up with a famous art studio in London that goes by the name of Based Upon, to create ‘The Baby’ – a piano that was originally a very fine looking hand-made sculpture that took 9 years to design! The unique shape and pattern of the sculpture resembles a narrow-bottomed, wide brimmed tea cup (minus the handles, of course) when looked at from a side portrait angle. The dust gold metal exteriors give the piece a dull glow and accentuate the curves and round edges of the design. The oval cover top opens up to reveal the baby black and white keyed grand piano and it’s connecting 230 strings. The bold reflective surface of the resin interior structure gives the dusty gold exteriors a smooth contrasting finish.

the-baby-piano-4The sculpture design, called The Twist, is one that Based Upon has been working on for the last 9 years. The design has also been used in limited edition tablets and consoles before Goldfinch took the sculpture and recreated it with a piano. Goldfinch, known for their rich and remarkable piano craftsmanship uses precision, calculated measurements and customizations to make their instruments some of the most sought after in the industry.

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the-baby-piano-5The Baby by Based Upon and Goldfinch will retail for a mighty high price of £475,000 (approx. $700k). Excited for what the designer piano company Goldfinch will put out next; it almost makes me wish I hadn’t given up my lessons!

[Via – Luxatic]

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