Green Cuisine kitchen by Philips is the most eco-friendly kitchen ever!

Simplicity when coupled with sensibility brings into being great things. One such simple and the very sensible thing we came across was the Green Cuisine kitchen unveiled at the Simplicity 2008 event in Moscow. A product of the masterminds at Philips, This future-themed kitchen is based around a table, comes complete with the ability to cook or heat water anywhere, thanks to some nifty sensors which detect your pan or kettle and apply heat directly underneath. You can then control the settings through touch-sensitive LED panels.

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The Green cuisine kitchen also offers you the option of reducing your water wastage by selecting the temperature of the water you’d like to emerge from the tap, it’s a clean freak too with an under-the-table composter that will compact all your peelings and left-overs and enable you to grow herbs on the table. Dunno bout you but I have never in my life come across a more eco-friendly kitchen coupled with both…sensibility and simplicity!

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