Hang clothes in a neat and elegant way with the Frame Hanger by & Design

Personally, I wouldn’t say I like it when clothes are scattered all over the place, especially by guests, who I cannot yell at. If you agree with me, then you definitely have a classy coat hanger to match the décor of your house. But if that also doesn’t help, get something more elaborate and elegant. This Top Form Frame Hanger from & Design is a stunning new addition to your home. Lean it against your wall and adorn it with hats, bags, accessories, and coats! And if you’re bored of one color, flip it for a change; it’s a dual-sided board.

Priced at $2,119, the 11kg heavy, 71inch high, 30inch wide and 1-inch deep frame crafted in melamine veneer, plywood core with Sina, the hanger is available in the chandelier (which is black & white in color) or tree (green & white color) models.