Harrods actually sells a $1,300 Toilet brush

From time to time, we here at LL, come across products that cross the line from luxurious to ludicrous and this Crystal Toilet Brush from Zodiac certainly fits the bill. The brush is hailed as a “high-octane upgrade” to bathroom essentials thanks to its diamond-cut crystal exterior and chrome finish. The real clincher though is the $1,302.55 price tag. Thanks, but no thanks.

The diamond cut crystal design is actually quite beautiful and would have been lovely on practically any other homeware item, but Zodiac ruined it by trying to sell it to us on a toilet brush. Nobody needs a crystal studded toilet brush! Actually on second thought, perhaps bling enthusiast Floyd Mayweather might like it.

If you absolutely must buy a ridiculous homeware item this month, at least keep things interesting with this dinosaur foot shaped waste paper basket which costs relatively meager $649.

[Available at: Harrods]

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