Here are 4 easy ways to add a pump of luxe in your homes

Luxury is often found in hotels, something so wonderful about the atmosphere, that we just can’t get enough. The same can be done for homes as well if only we pay attention to detail and what’s trending. Interior trends keep changing and every year hotels refurbish to look up-to-date. You can also incorporate a few points mentioned below to give your humble abode a stylish makeover that will make it look no less than a hotel that no one wants to leave-

Art- Every space or nook in the house needs a cynosure. Art does the needful and very single-handedly. While many rely on paint and wallpapers to add a pop of color and brighten the milieu, we say nothing does it like a good piece of art. Keep in mind the theme of your interiors while choosing the art; an old school Victorian won’t fit as well as a modern art painting. A picture with bold colors, textures will inject personality into your home like nothing else.

Luxury vinyl tiles- The only way of breathing life in a room without going crazy over the expenses, messes and sometimes results. Bound to make you happy is the endless varieties and adaptability of Quick-Step Livyn luxury vinyl tiles. You can get desired results (wood, marble, and stone, ceramic) from the same material. It’s hassle-free in comparison and looks gorgeous, to say the least. All things said, vinyl is in vogue and is on top of the list of architects worldwide when it comes to changing the look of an apartment says Will from Lifestyle Flooring UK one of UK’s leading high-quality flooring suppliers.

Mirrors- You may want to convert your home into a luxurious hotel lookalike but where will you get the same capacity from? From cleverly placed mirrors! Those add glamour and openness to an area and give them an expanded illusion of space. Mirrored walls are all the rage these days with endless patterns cut into them to look breathtakingly beautiful. Time to bid adieu to the wallpapers that are so 2019.

Chandelier- There is not one hotel in the world that won’t have a chandelier, which is why to achieve the same environment, this is a must-have. Whether you opt for modern, sculptural light fixtures or go for Victorian, rustic, or chandeliers with an old-world charm rest assured this will change the character of your home so choose wisely. We suggest getting those where lighting can be adjusted as per moods. Dim for days of cozy conversations and bright for a bustling bash.

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