Hermes Rallye 24 Tableware collection is up for grabs

Hermes’ sporting life themed tableware sporting life themed tableware takes links from both the racetrack and the brands vintage iconic “Chaîne d’Ancre” link style. The tableware’s beautifully lacquered surfaces bear the bright hues seen on the racetrack. Gray, yellow, green, red, blue, and black all feature heavily in the collection. The shapes are not limited to the traditionally round but instead inspire creativity in oval, oblong, and even square curves. Hermes offers two boxed sets, the first being a set of 6 round plates in black, blue, yellow, grey, red, and green. Each plate measures 9.4” and features the Chaîne d’Ancre Link style. The set retails for $1,140 and is definitely a change from the drab chinaware we normally see. The company is also offering a set of 6 tumblers in similar colors to mix and match with the boxed set of plates. The tumblers hold 3.3 fl oz and a set of 6 retails for $780.

This large Lacquer platter stays true to Hermes’s minimalistic roots with just a single chain featured in the center with alternating colors of red and white. These colors are impressive when set against the stark black backdrop. The platter measures and impressive 13.8” x 18.9” and retails for $1,250. This particular platter is also available in red.

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A multicolored oval platter adds a bit of whimsy to this Rallye 24 collection; it features a bright red border with a grey Chaîne d’Ancre design. The white space created by the chains has then been filled in with hues of blue, yellow, green, and red. This platter measures 16.7” and costs $640

A large black tart platter striking Chaîne d’Ancre detailing in shades of grey is perfect for serving a large family-style quiche or tart. Though covering the intricate design with food seems like a sin. This tart platter retails for $425 and measures 12.6.”

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This design shows the creativity in this collection with its unique square shape. The outside rim features a vivid blue color, while three interlinking shades of grey form the chain pattern on this 12.6” plate. The plate is available for $510.

The collection even includes decorative tableware such as this large Rotonde vase. The vase features an unusual shape, with one side being flat while the other is rounded. The design on it is multi-colored and will bring out the colors of any flowers it may hold. Retailing for $710, this 9.8” vase is perfect as a centerpiece to complete this vivid collection.

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