Hermès to debut home fragrances next month

The windows are closed, the heater is fired up, the musty smell from inside of the wet snow boots-there’s a stench that wintry weather brings with its own set of olfactory experiences. Starting next month, Hermès will foray into home fragrances with a new range, Le Parfum de la Maison to keep your abode smelling fresh and clean. Designed by Céline Ellena, daughter of celebrated House Perfumer Jean Claude Ellena, the new home fragrances are presented in a selection of three different sets of objets d’art: a paper origami horse, ceramic stone and porcelain candle bowls, each designed by French ceramist Guillaume Bardet.

The collection comprises five perfumes created to evoke different memories: Des pas sur la neige (footprints in the snow), Temps de pluie (wet weather), Fenêtre ouverte (open window), Champ libre (open field) and À cheval (on Horseback), that will help you keep the seasonal chill at bay and introduce a charming, memorable fragrance into your home.

hermes-le-parfum-de-la-maison-2The porcelain candle bowl is available in three sizes, each bearing a different color inside according to the scent that they carry.

hermes-le-parfum-de-la-maison-3The collection will be available in select Hermès boutiques starting from December.

[Via – Pursuitist]

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