Hermes travel alarm clock by Jaeger Lecoultre: A collector’s item

If you are a fan of or love collecting vintage timepieces, you would love to hear about this exquisite vintage travel alarm clock from Jaeger Lecoultre that dates back to the 1930s. The beautiful piece was sold and signed by French retailer Hermes making it a true “Vintage Hermes” besides being a “Vintage Jaeger Lecoultre.” The watch boasts of a JLC movement that is a manual-wind mechanical and has a remarkable 8-day power reserve, denoted by the circled “8” above 6 o’clock. The pop-up alarm clock is made from stainless steel and sheathed in Bordeaux leather, and can even be folded up to cover the face while traveling. A true collector’s item, this alarm clock is definitely a class apart. Since the movement was recently overhauled, prospective buyers need not worry about its working. A classic piece, the seller is asking for a fair €750 ($1,050) for this Vintage piece.

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