Hi-can system is a bed, MP3; monitor…the list is endless!

The tech chair had me very impressed with all gadgets integrated into one. But the competition is building and I’m afraid the tech chair will be losing to the Hi-Can system and with a very big margin too. Italian designer Edoardo Carlino has dreamed up the ultimate in tech luxury by combining most of your complex gadgetry into one neat package. And going by the looks of it, he has arrived in a big way. The Hi-Can system begins with a canopy bed, which is accented with a high fidelity sound system supporting mp3 audio and an integrated video projection system. This enables the projector to act as a monitor for computer integration and television for video or gaming.

Wives and husbands will now have more than one reason to stay in bed all the time and I guess it’s going to be tough to get the other out. The system has yet to be manufactured but will be released by Deta till then we have ample time to think of excuses to stay in bed 24×7 and also to get your partners out of that tech haven!

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