How to choose the right luxury entrance door

The front door is a focal point of the home, and it can say everything about what’s inside. Many people will only consider the aesthetic when choosing a front door, but it plays an incredibly important practical role.

Not only will this be the main access point of the home, but it will have varying levels of security, functionality, thermal efficiency, and cost. Exemplar luxury front doors from Germany display the variety of styles that’s possible. Here is a guide to choosing the right luxury door for your home.

When choosing a front door, there are several materials to pick from. Timber is perhaps the most common, along with PVCu. Timber doors have a tonne of potential for luxury and can be laminated, hardwood or softwood, varnished, heat-treated, and much more. Opting for the correct wood preservative is the most important factor here, and something that compliments the surrounding property.

Composite front doors are gaining in popularity due to their timber-like style and UPVC performance. With good insulation and low maintenance, this is a great option. It will never need painting and can fit both modern and traditional styles. There’s also an array of luxury options with luxury doors, much like timber ones, as their design and customization potential for them is huge. Furthermore, composite doors will not rot, warp, or give-in easily to forced entry.

A large window can be a great opportunity to bring natural light into the home, making hall-ways appear bigger and brighter. They’re also an opportunity for colored glass designs, which are particularly effective on older properties.

Having a window in the front door is an aesthetic that many people really like. However, there are some downsides. First and foremost, it comes with a large security risk, as they often come in single-glazing and can therefore be smashed relatively easily.

Glass is a weak point for a thermal loss. It will not be a wise choice if you’re looking to retain good insulation and low energy costs. Although, if you have a triple or even double-glazed window, you can thermally benefit from a south-facing (sun-facing) windowed front door as it lets in the light.

There are many styles of front doors, but generally, they should fit the style of the home as a whole. For example, cottages and old townhouses would benefit from more traditional timber style doors, such as victorian, whilst newer properties or newly renovated properties can get away with contemporary aluminum doors. Composite doors are the most versatile material which can suit both styles.

A luxury front door has to have good security to back it up. As mentioned before, large single-glazed windows aren’t the safest option. It’s also wise to have two separate locks on the door: mortice deadlocks which need a key for either side and night/rim (Yale) latch, which can be hand-operated from the inside.

Finally, choosing the right handle is an important fixture and a good supplier will have lots of choices for you. Traditional timber doors often have a doorknob in the center of the door, whilst contemporary doors often have long, thin vertical handles. It’s important to pick a material that will not rust or require maintenance, and a color that matches the door itself.

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