Ikea collaborates with Tom Dixon for a “hackable” sofa

You’ve doubtless seen any number of “hacks’ involving Ikea shelves, tables and cupboards on blogs and home décor websites over the years. This time though, Tom Dixon has announced an Ikea hack that the Swedish company actually stands by. Dixon’s Delaktig bed has just become available at Ikea stores and it’s so customizable that Dixon likens it to other hacks you’ll find online.

“So, this is the plan – you can go to IKEA and you can buy yourself a bed. It’s an affordable bed. If you want, you can add components to make it into a sofa. Once you’ve got this bed sofa you can add on our hacks, other people’s hacks, or you can hack it yourself,” Dixon told Dezeen last year, when the modular bed was first announced.

The bed comes with a number of add-ons allowing it to be transformed from a bed, to a sofa or even a lounge. You can add a lamp for days when you just want to read or even a side table to keep snacks during a Netflix marathon. Its utility seems endless since, with the right accessories, it can become a twin bed, a bunk bed, or a four-poster bed.

Even the upholstery can be changed. Swedish textile design company Bemz created three upholsteries for the Delaktig including a shower-proof striped sofa cover, an electric blue boucle throw, and an Icelandic sheepskin cover.

“The success of this will be if, in 30 or 40 years people have changed its functionality, it’s still survived rather than just being discarded,” Dixon said.


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