Isabella Brunswick Billiards Table emanates royal elegance

The Brunswick Billiards table is inspired by the Isabella of France, who married King Edward II in the early 13th century. The exquisite design elements bring back history, royalty and high society in the mind of those who set eyes on her. The style of the table is reminiscent of the period’s grand palaces and elaborate furniture incorporating exotic materials from around the world. It extensively makes use of Rare Rosewood, Karelian birch and blue lapis, recognized for its rarity and enduring beauty to highlight the timeless beauty of this timeless era.

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There is also a matching cue rack included with the purchase of Isabella table. The table could be customized with a variety of stone options such as Amethyst, Blue Lapis, Black, Fossil, Jade and Yellow. Isabella Brunswick Billiards Table retails for $40,000.