Fancy a larger than life creepy crawly coffee table for your living room?

Creepy crawlies in the living room certainly aren’t everyone’s idea of high design, but French artist Jacques Duval-Brasseur’s take on the idea might just change your mind. The designer has created a series of glass top tables supported by various creatures and critters made of bronze and brass.

The series of coffee tables and side tables has a modern avant-garde feel to it, but the truth is that these pieces are originally from the 1970s and are considered rare antiques. Some of them can still be found online through auctions and can cost up to $25,000!

Lizard Coffee table priced at $25,000

Illuminated Scorpion table priced at $21,500

Bird Coffee Table priced at $8,501.98

For those interested in scoring some critter inspired furniture, some of these pieces are still available at

[ Via : Mymodernmet ]

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