Leather Link Hammock swings for $42,000

Artifacts made of unusual materials always attract attention, more so, when its creator has swished his creativity wand all over the item. In such an attempt, Ohio born-and-brought-up designer, Jim Zivic has produced a collection of furnishings, self-describing it as the “industrial-luxe”. Made of materials such as steel, leather, coal and aluminum, the collection is due to showcase at the Ralph Pucci showroom in Los Angeles starting September 19. Although, the assemblage features tables, chairs and various accessories, the highlight among these is a hammock priced at $42,000. True, that we’ve come across various opulent designer hammocks, the likes of the Trinity Hammock, Dedon Swingrest, as well as the award-winning Petiole Hammock. So what’s so special about the Leather Link Hammock you’d ask.

Made of steel frame with leather link sling, metal mesh and it sports upholstered head/foot boards. It swings comfortably with suede cushion, shearling pillows and a throw. It is available in two sizes – 3 Ft. hammock: 36″ W X 81″ L; 4 Ft. hammock: 48″ W x 81″ L.

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It is subtly designed like a neat piece of accessory that could adorn your sea-facing balcony, or easily installed in the interiors of the comfort of your home.

[Via – Ralphpucci and Jim-Zivic-Design and Robb-Report]