Kahla introduces ‘Touch’ Velvet tea cups

As a kid, I was all for tea parties being a fan of Alice in wonderland and everything. Now, I seem to run away from them. However, if your tea party has these pretty velvet tea cups by KAHLA, I’ll be sure not to decline an invitation. The porcelain cups and bowls are coated in velvet and come in a variety of colours for every taste. Also for those worry-warts, don’t worry they are dish-washer and microwave safe. Kahla has a patent on this technology of velvet cups with laser ornaments. In case you or your company wants to personalise your crockery, Kahla would be happy to offer their services. It would be a nice gift for newly weds or special someones with their names etched on one of these products. Colours available for he Touch! cups are hining red, warm orange, elegant black and dark blue or trendy pink and blue.

Also, this velvet coating keeps your hands safe from hot or cold drinks and reduces noise against surfaces. While all these reasons are great, I’d purely buy the Touch! cups for a feel of soft velvet against my hands as I sip on my drink.

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