Keeping Your Home Secure and Protected

Buying a home will probably be the biggest investment that we make. After putting so much money and attention into every detail, we want to keep it beautiful and functioning as long as we can. We have to remember that things in our home, like appliances, can break down after use, even if we are so careful using them. When an appliance breaks down, we may or may not have the money to fix it. Sometimes we just don’t have the funds to pay for something like a repair. That is where TotalProtect Home Warranty comes in. TotalProtect Home Warranty plans are built around serving you. But it’s more than just covering repairs and replacements for home appliances and systems. They are committed to providing you the right services and the right people at the right times. Contact them and they can answer your questions.

Having a home is more than just keeping appliances running. We need to keep our home secure to prevent someone from unlawfully entering. There are simple steps that can be taken to keep your loved ones safe by using security systems that are both effective and realistic. Fires and burglaries are two factors that cause homeowners the most damage and the most financial harm. Unfortunately, the FBI reports that U.S. homes are burglarized or attempts are made every 9 seconds.

In this fast-moving world, we rely on technology to help us and to keep us safe. Now, you can keep your loved one safe with simple DIY techniques or innovative security systems that are friendly toward your pocketbook.

Door Security
Doors are the most used entry point for burglars. Doors should be secured with deadbolt locks. For French/sliding doors, homeowners should add security bars, vertical bolt locks, or lool locks. Since these types of doors are designed with glass, security technology has created a sturdy, clear window film that adheres to the glass and when someone attempts to break the glass, the film prevents the glass from shattering.

Windows Security
There are various window security solutions that help to keep intruders out. New windows are designed with tempered glass which hinders criminals from breaking the glass. Windows are now created using the multiple glass pane system which adds durability and strength for attempted break-ins, as well as bad weather conditions.

Less expensive options also work to help keep your windows secure. This system includes window locks with a screeching alarm sound attached. Also, just like the door security option of using innovative film over the glass, your window can also benefit from this security feature.

Look Like You Are Home
When you and loved ones are away from the home, create an environment that makes it look as though you are home. For example, leave lights on by using a timer system. Place the timers in various rooms of the home to give the appearance that family members are in those designated rooms. Arrange for the daily pick-up of your mail or any deliveries.

Even though this idea is an age-old trick, by leaving a TV on or a radio when you leave, the noise from the radio and the noise and TV Led light will make people think twice to try to enter your home unwanted. Invest in porch lights and landscape lighting near the house and placed around the house. Modern solar lighting is very popular and inexpensive.

Innovative Technology For Home Security
There are modern day smart home security systems that entail all of the above self-help security options and more. You have seen ads on TV regarding the latest Artificial Intelligence security system or the smart HD cameras. These peace of mind security options are affordable and when you include the mobile eye away from the home security features, your loved ones are safer than ever before.

With the combination of smart cameras with speakers, motion sensors, and AI working together, this creates an intelligent surveillance zone inside and outside the borders of your property. Many of these security systems are connected to a surveillance center where either the police or the fire department can be instantly contacted when there is a problem.

Indoor security systems help to protect your family before a fire starts and gives off an alarm if there is a hint of carbon monoxide present. Whether you are sleeping or away from home, modern home security features are some of the safest technology created today.

Keeping your loved ones safe within your home is now easier than ever before. DIY home security solutions are in high demand because many do not involve professional installation nor a monthly subscription. With DIY security systems, you simply order the product that works best in your home.

Several DIY security systems use Amazon or Google voice command systems that include things like turning lights on and off at designated times or when an alarm sounds. Video doorbells are also a security center or a DIY option. Additional home security systems include people vs. pet sensors, thermostat sensors, glass breaking sensors, smoke sensors, and key fobs.

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