Kiwi Cot Crib: Heirloom furniture for your baby

Some people would like their children to develop a taste for the finer things in life from a very young age. For these aristocratic newly-borns, here is a unique crib that is sure to inculcate in them the taste and value for the finer things in life at a very young age. Known as the Kiwi Cot Crib, it has been created by Cariboo of New Zealand, who is well known for making classic heirloom furniture for children. This classic crib is made from sustainable Radiata pine timber and finished with a biodegradable, earth-friendly finish. There is no drop-side mechanism in this crib, which has low sides and fits a standard-sized North American crib mattress. And what is more, when your baby grows into a toddler, this crib can be converted into a bed or even a small sofa (with conversion kits). The exquisite crib is available at various stores throughout the US for a price of $1,560.

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