Kodama launches a geometric hangout with the world’s first hanging zome

If you’re looking to get a hammock or seating pod, check out Kodama Zome – the world’s first hanging hanging zome. This piece of marvelous design is much more than a regular steel structure – created using unique mathematical formulas and patterns by structural engineer Richie Duncan. For the uninitiated, a zome is a structure of unusual geometric properties that combines aspects of a dome with the shapes of a polygon known as a zonohedron. The name Zome comes from combining the words dome and zohodehral.

Unlike the traditional zomes which are located on the ground, Kodama Zomes can be hung from trees or stands, kept indoor or outdoor, allowing them to be a seating pod, a love seat, a hanging bed, a meditation seat, a gossip corner or anything else your creative minds want it to be!
The Kodama Zome gets its name after Kodama, which are tree spirits that can be found in Japanese folklore. Each Kodama Zome includes a powder coated steel structure, outdoor grade polyester webbing, marine grade 316 stainless steel hardware, and custom mattress and cushions. They come in a wide range of colors and come with a Sunbrella outdoor canvas upholstery fabric. The zome’s are fully customizable with fabrics, colors and designer patterns.

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[Kodama Zomes via – My Modern Met]