Kohler Numi Comfort Height Toilet plays music and offers ambient lighting

Kohler has launched a second edition of the Numi Comfort Height Toilet. The $ 6,000 tricked out Numi posh commode just got more complicated. Adding to its already usual features, the toilet now includes a USB port, SD card reader, Bluetooth receiver, accessible battery pack, and ambient lighting. Your commode has just reached another eccentric level. The USB port enables quicker software updates while the Bluetooth receiver allows you to stream tunes while on the pot. The SD card reader can be used for importing playlists and welcome messages (yes, we got the commode to say hello), an accessible battery pack for flushing in the dark and ambient lighting. We guess the party has now reached the toilet!

In case you thought going to loo would be too energy consuming Kohler has raised the seat to a comfortable 18 inches making sitting up and down easier for adults. For all those bathroom lovers, seems like Kohler just makes it harder for you to leave the space!

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[Via – Engadget]