Legendary Italian brand La Marzocco launches premium espresso machine GS3 for $7000

Let’s admit it, most of us would hate to start our day without coffee in the morning, but are you big enough coffee nut to spend upwards of $7000 on an espresso machine? La Marzocco, the legendary professional coffee machine maker, has introduced a made-for-the-home version dubbed the GS3. The premium espresso machine has a starting price of $6,900 and is directly available on the brand’s official website. The GS3 coffee machine isn’t all new and the company, which builds its machines in Italy, launched it in 2008. Handcrafted in Florence, the machine basically is a pint-size version of what you’d find at the high-end coffee shops. It allows for precise temperature controls resulting in professional-quality shots, all while drawing its power from a standard 110-volt outlet.

la-marzocco-gs3-2But this incredible product was never marketed by La Marzocco and instead the company relied on word-of-mouth and third-party vendors such as Seattle Coffee Gear to sell it. In the last six years, the company has managed to sell only 4,500 units. However, finally two weeks back, it launched a website to sell the GS3 and other equipment for aspiring home baristas. The La Marzocco GS3 espresso machines are customizable and several design features include choice of glass side panels, maple and walnut accents and cool-touch padding for the steam wand.

[Available at La-Marzocco]

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