Lamborghini Bed by Magniflex: For all Lambo fans

Dreaming of owning the new $1.6 million Lamborghini Reventón Roadster? Unless you are a billionaire who has millions to spare, you must be working really hard to make that kind of money to afford this car. Although we can’t help you make that kind of money, we can make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Yes, after a hard day of work, now you can come back and rest in your very own Lamborghini bed. A product of Magniflex, this Lamborghini bed, is for all crazy Lambo fans. Complete with the Lamborghini logo, color, and name, this bed is sure to drive you crazy. Till you get the real thing, you can at least lie on this Lambo bed and dream of driving around in your very own Lambo. Looking as inviting and comfortable as the car, this bed is definitely for a car enthusiast.

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A sleek bed, the queen size mattress is priced at $2000. If you are a car enthusiast, this bed is definitely for you.

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