Laris art and decoration New York – Ace craftsmanship meets Swarovski crystals

All that shimmers is not gold or diamonds – they are crystals too. Laris art and decoration by Clara Duna has a portfolio of products that comes shimmering in Swarovski crystals, designed with an artistic flair. The brand was created in 2002 by Clara Duna, and her daughter Iulia Lis, also a designer. It is the fruit of several years of artistic and design experience. Clara created the Laris Art and Decoration in 1990 in Romania, and has since been crafting decorative furniture and accessories. She brings to the brand a wealth of knowledge gained from her association with more than 20 fashion stores and boutiques, gaining hands-on experience and having worked with top designers and fashion experts. Clara brings a sharp eye for detailing and passion for beauty into her art pieces, a talent that was instilled in her since her childhood. From the age of 17, she has been exhibiting her drawings and graphics at art galleries and exhibitions. Laris Art and Decoration sprung to a global platform in 2013 when it opened a store in New York.

The brand’s collection ranges from a decorative crystal studded business card holder, to an opulent and extravagant restored antique desk with drawers studded with 160,000 Swarovski crystals! The desk is piece of art like no other – it took Clara 480 days, four hours daily, to rework this beautiful artwork, which comes with a price tag of $450,000. Another striking piece is the Fantasy Unicorn, studded with 30,000 Swarovski crystals. Pillows of rich velvet, with intricately placed crystals are another set of impressive additions for the home, or as an accompaniment to one of the bigger designs. The beauty about this brand is the balance it retains in using traditional home essentials to bring out classic, contemporary pieces for an urban living quarter. Crystal-studded candle sticks and vases for the drawing room adds just the right amount of antique charm to an otherwise modern interior. The thing about design these days is there is no limit to creative possibilities, evident in everything we see and experience today, while also ensuring that we remain rooted to our traditions and roots. The most charming thing about a home is having an artefact of a bygone era, or a family heirloom.
The fashion accessories featured in Clara’s treasure trove include delicately-crafted, elegant bracelets and bangles which are both trendy and traditional in its appeal. A one-piece drama bangle is an ideal accompaniment to an evening gown, for a ball perhaps (or to meet the Queen), or even the best thing to complete an outfit for a Saturday night out with the girls. Her designs are examples of self-expression, being carefully chosen and hand crafted. Clara conveys a message through her pieces, which expresses her passion of design, art and the sheer beauty of crystals. Choosing an art for the home means being able to connect with it emotionally as well, and Clara’s designs are able to evoke this kind of sensitivity.

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